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To: Joseph Bullman and Gwyneth Hughes, writers of the excellent "Partygate" and Mr. Bates vs The Post Office

ITV/Channel 4: Make a PPE sleaze drama

Following the success of your dramas in bringing wrongdoing to the wider attention of the public and the outrage so many feel as a result, please, please would you turn your attention to the wrongful squandering of taxpayers' money during the Covid pandemic? The obvious subject is Baroness Mone and her husband... but there is so much more.

Why is this important?

The success of Gwyneth Hughes' drama starring Toby Jones, Mr. Bates vs The Post Office, which has just aired in January 2024, is inspirational. For so long, so many people have felt powerless, frustrated and angry with our politicians who just seem absorb our ire like a sponge and show no sign of contrition, acceptance of culpability or, indeed, action. Yet, these dramas have suddenly resulted in a reaction. They have to react! It's an election year!
Please help to show that we are not as dumb as they think we are and we do care.



2024-01-08 13:07:38 +0000

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