To: Margaret Raymond - Kirkella and Westella Parish Council

Jess Lawson - Colourful Bench

Overturn their decision and support the installation of a colourful memorial bench outside of St Andrews School in Kirkella

Why is this important?

Jess Lawson from Wolfreton school, Willerby went on a school trip and never came home, she was 12 years old at the time.

The Kirkella and Westella Parish Council have turned down a request for a colourful bench to be placed on the corner of School Lane opposite St. Andrews School in Kirkella for reasons as stated by Margaret Raymond, "It may make it look like Disney land"

I say why not? Jess was colourful and no one should ever wave goodbye to their child and not see them again.

The existing bench is broken to add insult to injury. !

Please add your support and let's get the family what they deserve.

Thank you.

Kirk Ella

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I've sat on thT bench for many an hours as a young girl now look st the state of it! No one ever sits there watching the world go by. A lovely colourful bench in memory of a local little girl who was sadly loss it such a lovely idea. Will be used and loved by lots of local people
  • The world needs more colour, more smiles and more happy memories. Bureaucracy is traditionally grey. Show the world that your community is being run by colourful, positive, real people.
  • so what if the bench is the " wrong " colour it's what it stands for that matters


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