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To: Lord Advocate of Scotland

Jim Clark Rally, We want our Closed Road Rally Back.

Jim Clark Rally, We want our Closed Road Rally Back.

We would like the Lord Advocate to bring his inquiry regarding the fatalities on the 2014 event to a conclusion.

Why is this important?

The Jim Clark Rally generates approximately £3.5 million for the Scottish Borders economy each year and has substantial support from Scottish Borders Council, politicians and the general public.
Following the fatal accident in 2014 the JCR has been unable to run on closed public roads due to an inquiry being carried out by the Lord Advocate of Scotland.
It is in the public interest that the rally return to running on closed public roads in 2017.
Two years with no conclusion has made it difficult to guarantee the future of one of the UK's biggest sporting events.

Reasons for signing

  • No disrespect intended to any of the folks killed in these tragic accidents… but these were “accidents” not murders. More than ever our motorsport is being portrayed in a very bad light. Sorry for being so negative, but I feel we are witnessing the beginning of the end. I agree with previous comments regarding sense of proportion - Last year in Scotland, 878 people died as a result of a fall.
  • I competed in this event. There is no other event like it.
  • Bit more common sence needed lets get this back up and running


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