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To: Political and business leaders, across all parties and sectors.

Join the mission to fix our economy!

Sign and share to show you want a stronger, fairer, greener UK economy.

Why is this important?

‘Business as usual’ isn’t working. High streets are empty, councils are going bust, and our NHS is on its knees. Our trains are cancelled, our water is polluted, our bills can force us to choose between heating or eating – all while companies behind public services record huge profits.

At the heart of this is a broken system. We all work for our economy, but does it work for all of us?

With an election coming up, we need our next government to make a new business plan for Britain: one where all of society profits. Let’s fix our economy and build a stronger, fairer, greener future for the UK.

We are asking all business and political leaders to support our mission statement: -
"I support a stronger, fairer, greener UK economy – let’s unleash the power of mission-led business to help fix our future."

Sign up and ask your elected official to support the mission statement too!




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