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To: Political and business leaders, across all parties and sectors in Scotland.

Scotland, join the mission to fix our economy

We're asking all business and political leaders in Scotland to sign our election mission statement supporting social enterprises, community and employee owned business, cooperatives and similar enterprises:

"I support a stronger, fairer, greener UK economy – let’s unleash the power of mission-led business to help fix our future."

Anyone can sign this pledge - do sign up and ask your election candidates to support the mission statement too!

Why is this important?

Business-as-usual in our economy isn’t working.

The cost of living is forcing many people to choose between heating or eating, we’re working harder than ever but for low pay, inequality is rampant and social security is failing too many people.

At the heart of this is a broken economic system - we all work for our economy, but it doesn't often work for us.

With a general election coming up, we need the next UK Government to ensure that the economic needs of the people of Scotland are front and centre.

Social enterprises, community and employee owned businesses, cooperatives and similar enterprises put people and planet first.

We need a new business plan for Britain: one where all of society profits.

Let’s fix our economy and build a stronger, fairer, greener future for Scotland and for the rest of the UK.

Scotland, UK

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2024-06-20 13:52:49 +0100

100 signatures reached

2024-06-19 14:53:27 +0100

Just 1 more signature needed to get to our first 100!

2024-06-18 11:01:28 +0100

We're almost at 100 signatures! Please do sign and share widely...

2024-06-12 17:42:24 +0100

50 signatures reached

2024-06-12 17:39:45 +0100

A big thank you to everyone who has signed so far - please do post on all your social media and ask others to sign / share - thank you!

2024-06-12 15:28:57 +0100

25 signatures reached

2024-06-10 17:16:31 +0100

10 signatures reached