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To: Jonathan Lord MP for Woking, Surrey

Jonathan Lord MP, Please Support & Sign the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

Jonathan Lord MP, Please Support & Sign the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

Support & Sign the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Private Members’ Bill:

● Ensure the UK reduces greenhouse gas emissions in line with our legal obligations to limit global heating to 1.5°C,
● Focus on nature as well as climate, protecting and conserving habitats in the UK and internationally,
● Hold a legally binding Citizens’ Assembly to help the UK Government and Parliament decide how to move forward in the transition to a zero-carbon society.

Why is this important?

● We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis and the UK Government simply isn’t doing enough, soon enough.

● The CEE Bill, drawn up in consultation with leading academics, scientists and lawyers, presents clear proposals for addressing our entire carbon footprint, while actively conserving nature here and overseas.

● As hosts of the COP26 international climate conference in 2021, the UK Government has pledged to provide climate leadership. Backing this vital Bill is a key step in that direction.

● More information:
Why we need the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill | CEE Bill Alliance #CEEBill

United Nations Climate Change Conference UK 2021

Woking, UK

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