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To: Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP

East Facing Slips on the M25 Sevenoaks J5

East Facing Slips on the M25 Sevenoaks J5

To require SELEP and the Highways Agency to include these East Facing Slips at Sevenoaks M25/M26

Why is this important?

The lack of proper connectivity to the National Motorway Network is stifling growth and economic recovery in West Kent and parts of Surrey and Sussex. National and International traffic has to use inadequate A and B roads, causing an immense impact to rural areas, not least of which is the deteriorating Air Quality and the almost continuous AQMAs from Maidstone to West Sevenoaks.

West Kent, Surrey & Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • I travel to and from the Maidstone area, and currently have to come off the motorway at Leybourne and use much slower roads past West Malling, Kings Hill, and through Hadlow. The addition of the slip would allow me to join the A21, shsaving a lot of time off my journey, and alleviating conjestion in these areas
  • Lorries speeding through the narrow streets of Borough Green pose a serious danger to all pedestrians, especially children.
  • To improve the air quality and reduce traffic flow through Sevenoaks and surrounding area.


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