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To: The Government

justice for chris spivey

Campaign created by
d marshall
justice for chris spivey

We, the undersigned, petition the government to stop this harassment, allowing the journalist Chris Spivey to express his opinions, which is his entitlement under Common Law.

Why is this important?

Freedom of speech!

Chris Spivey is an independent journalist, with a website where he publishes articles based on his own research.

Since the summer of 2014, he has been a victim of ongoing police harassment, such as an illegal entry without a warrant and personal belongings being taken and is currently still on bail for dubious charges. There is also what appears to be a coordinated attempt by social services to intimidate Chris, by questioning his grandson's health and well being .



2015-02-22 15:35:38 +0000

this is a reply to our american freind who said he cant sign the petition as he doesnt have a uk email address i asked 38 degrees about this and they said the campaigns are for uk residents only,sorry about that and thanks for your offer of support,digger

2015-02-22 15:21:21 +0000

I have appointed an administrator who is familiar with this gang of sick trolls who are posting filth and abuse on this campaign page so it will be removed,freedom of speech is not an excuse for sick,twisted, perverted mentalists,who hide under fake names to post their filth and abuse and try to disrupt a very serious campaign,maybe it would help if the people they are pretending to be could send a statement confirming its not them posting this filth,digger

2015-02-15 05:25:39 +0000

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2015-02-10 13:29:57 +0000

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