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To: Patrick Coveney, CEO of Greencore

Justice for Greencore Northampton Workers

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union is calling on Greencore to pay 100% sick pay to all 2,100 Greencore employees in Northampton who have been sent home to self-isolate in the Covid19 crisis. And top up the 20% for wages for staff who are furloughed.

Why is this important?

The company, Europe's leading sandwich maker, supplier to M&S, has put staff who tested positive on statutory sick pay and all other staff on the furlough scheme. So the government is paying 80% of the salary bill.

The company has refused to provide the 20% top-up. This despite posting £56.4 million pre-tax profits last year. Employees were furloughed and sent home to self-isolate for 14 days. They're carrying the burden of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Hundreds of families will be plunged into poverty as a result of Greencore's actions. The Union estimates that 60% of the workforce will be left below the minimum wage. If they only get 80% of their current wages - which is what the Government's furlough scheme provides - they won't be able to make ends meet.

The managers are self-isolating on full sick pay. The workforce should get the same.
Northampton, UK

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2020-08-28 17:38:51 +0100

It's tough for Greencore Northampton workers a week into their lockdown in the UK's biggest single Covid19 outbreak. They're isolating at home on poverty pay while Greencore - sandwich makers to M&S is reopening. Here Dumitru appeals for your support[0]=68.ARCNp9vGqrsARYpvM_4tkOqXtP9m3yj129uFlixbp82mXnqfrkdLdDrc2Xcxm3peyAYQKDlCBn00kzOajUXiqII_eB3wRB5c5Jq9wWNlfp2XM-t_mZrcwQ3-t0pjOZrwqUPGyA8eUC7Lg6TFOpAxvBCDo0SYu4lLZbEMDfAiOc8Qa4UjaO6vIxHneJbCps96y7uvZb-01fFKY541YycPGBX6LNck6uyso9yKSxPwdeR7-h0TEoLI2Qh9CugYYYv04wBeGDlAucqi2D1YrmY4m1APN34Lm3NCpyDst46okCdcSnnb97lmV06adNu-bQTDl0YoFt4_xv05FreMljMG5FzFYc67cT971So

2020-08-25 15:20:26 +0100

Thanks to everyone for your support. Here's a special video for the Romanian speaking community, many of whom work at Greencore, and friends and family members

2020-08-24 22:39:35 +0100

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2020-08-24 18:26:09 +0100

Here's the latest Greencore Northampton campaign video. Please share it with your friends and encourage them to
sign the petition. Thanks!

2020-08-24 18:24:48 +0100

Here's the latest video - please share it and encourage all your friends to sign the petition. Thanks so much!

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