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To: UK Goverment all

Justice for Our Furbabies - End Unjustified Dog Shootings

Petition for police not being able to shoot any dogs on someone's say so.

We have innocent to proven guilty so that should stand for our furbabies too they are our family too. First marshall and millions and now rocco.. they should have to take the dog and see its traits and behaviour before being able to make a decision. Not one of these 3 dogs showed aggression. Yet you got trigger happy and shot first and thought later. Please save our babies people judging the wrong end of the lead

Why is this important?

I, as a devout bully parent and advocate for the rights of our beloved furbabies, am deeply concerned about the alarming increase in unjustified dog shootings by law enforcement officers. It is time to take action and demand change to protect our innocent four-legged family members.

As responsible pet owners, we understand the importance of innocent until proven guilty. This principle should extend to our furbabies as well. Just like humans, dogs deserve fair treatment and due process before their lives are needlessly taken away.

Recently, heartbreaking incidents involving Marshall, Millions, Rocco, and countless other dogs have shaken us to the core. These dogs were shot without any evidence of aggression or threat towards anyone. The trigger-happy approach taken by some law enforcement officers is not only unjust but also undermines trust between communities and those sworn to protect them.

We believe that before making a life-or-death decision regarding a dog's fate, law enforcement officers should be required to assess each individual dog's traits and behaviour firsthand. This would ensure that decisions are based on accurate information rather than assumptions or fear-based reactions.

It is essential for police departments across the country to implement comprehensive training programs that educate officers on canine behaviour assessment techniques. By equipping them with this knowledge, we can prevent unnecessary tragedies from occurring while preserving public safety.

To support our cause effectively, we must present relevant facts and statistics that highlight the urgency of this issue:

1) According to data from The Washington Post (source: The Washington Post), an estimated 10% of all fatal police shootings involve dogs.
2) A study conducted by Michigan State University (source: Michigan State University) found that proper training significantly reduces instances of unwarranted use of force against animals.
3) In cities where proactive measures have been implemented successfully—such as mandatory canine behaviour assessments—dog shootings by law enforcement have significantly decreased (source: ASPCA).

By signing this petition, we are demanding that police departments nationwide adopt policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of our furbabies. We urge law enforcement agencies to:

1) Implement mandatory training programs for officers on canine behaviour assessment techniques.
2) Require officers to assess a dog's traits and behaviour before making any life-or-death decisions.
3) Establish clear guidelines and protocols for handling encounters with dogs, emphasizing non-lethal alternatives whenever possible.

Together, let us ensure that our furbabies are treated with the same respect and consideration as any other member of our family. Let us protect them from unjustified shootings based on assumptions or fear. Sign this petition today to make a difference in the lives of countless innocent dogs who deserve justice.

As a bully parent myself, I have no human children but consider my furbabies as my world. The increasing fear of walking them due to unjustified dog shootings has left me feeling helpless and worried about their safety. I have encountered police officers during walks who expressed genuine love for these gentle giants.

No one should have the right to shoot an innocent dog without proper cause or evidence of aggression. It is time we stand together and demand change from those who hold power in protecting our communities.

Please join me in signing this petition to end unjustified dog shootings by law enforcement officers once and for all. Together, we can create a safer world where every furbaby is given a fair chance at life.

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