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To: Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner - Matthew Barber

Justice for Woodley Cow 13/05/2021

Concerning the animal cruelty done by Thames Valley Police on the 13th May 2021 we call on you, Matthew Barber, to ensure that adequate plans are in place for any similar circumstances that may occur in the future.

Make it policy for TVP to call suitable veterinary service to safely tranquilise animals to prevent any repetition of the horrific animal cruelty witnessed in Woodley.

We also call on you to come clean about this event and accept the moral responsibility you have towards the public; denounce TVP's actions and make it clear to the public that you will not stand for acts of animal cruelty.

Why is this important?

The police are supposed to uphold the law yet they saw fit to brutally run over a terrified animal, rather than safely return her to her home.
One of our campaigners called the RPSCA and was advised that if this incident had involved a horse, TVP's actions would be considered animal cruelty.

Given that the House of Lords read the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill 2021 on the same day of this incident, the police's actions show that they are out of touch with laws they should be enforcing.

The PCC and the IOPC have denied the police have done anything wrong, despite: the clear amount of public dissaproval on social media; the TVP protest on the 15th May 2021; & the vigil held on the 20th May 2021 at the site of her killing.

She cried for 20 minutes after being run over 4 times and was then mercilessly killed - this is unacceptable.

We invite you to join our campaign to get justice for Woodley Cow to ensure no animal ever has to suffer like she did at the hands of police, and to protect the right to life of any pet or farm animal who gets lost.

How it will be delivered

When enough people sign the petition we will hold a demonstration at Thames Valley Police station and invite supporters to join us in delivering this petition.

Earley, Reading RG6 7EN, UK

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