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To: Wycliff Cox and his Family

Justice For Wycliff and his Family

We want to bring the justice Wycliffe and his family deserves after he was brutally assaulted by police and pinned down from head to toe as they saw him as threat just because of his mental health and the fact he did try to run away despite the fact he was just scared and was possibly unaware of what was going on or what to do he did breach his bail but this still does not give an excuse for someone to be treated the way he did! He should’ve been handled with more care and not such violence as this. We want to make it possible for Wycliff to get the mental support he needs and let his family contact him and to keep them updated on his mental state along with having the police officers at the scene punished for their actions.

Why is this important?

The man was assaulted just for his mental health which is so massively wrong and police should be educated more around mental health and how to deal with people in bad states without violence and trauma to their family, this is so important as everybody’s mental health should be treated with respect and people should always try to help those struggling not beat them down! he was taken of his own human rights and treated like an animal by our own law enforcements and his and his family deserve justice!!

Colchester, UK

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