To: AOT Coaches

Keep 8AOT bus running

Keep 8AOT bus running

Reconsider ending the 8AOT bus service - we are happy to pay a little more or see reduced hours rather than see it shut down completely!

Why is this important?

We need the 8AOT service! Hucknall people need this service - it is affordable, reliable and those in the West (Ruffs, Beauvale etc) of Hucknall really need this service as they do not have a bus service they can easily reach which can get them around Hucknall estates and Nottingham. SIGN & SHARE

Hucknall, Nottingham

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Reasons for signing

  • Would Never catch a trent bus again.
  • It provides an excellent service on the estate for people with no other forms of transport.
  • it is much needed !!!!.


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