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To: Liverpool City Council

Keep all our One Stop Shops

We request the Council to reopen all eight One Stop Shop buildings which were in operation in March 2020 before the service was cut, and enhance and increase the provision so as to defend local communities against the effects of austerity.

Why is this important?

One Stop Shops provide essential support and advice to residents. Up to March 2020, before lockdown, there were eight full-time One Stop Shops serving their local communities. In addition to routine queries, the One Stop Shops advise and support people facing emergencies such as homelessness, or the stopping of benefits for essentials.

To save money, the Council proposes to replace the eight community buildings with two One Stop Shops full-time, with a variety of part-time services being offered in other buildings.

We are now facing a situation of unprecedented austerity. Many Liverpool residents do not have internet access, and others have complex situations which cannot be dealt with online. Others will not have the money to travel to a One Stop Shop at the other side of the city. We need the face to face service located in our local community.

Liverpool, UK

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