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To: Hm Govt

Keep animal welfare charities afloat during the coronavirus crisis

Offer support to the many local independent animal rescue charities who have lost almost all of their fundraising support in this time of lockdown. Their costs remain the same, but their ability to cover costs has been cut by around 80%. Please give them some support to tide them over until the lockdown is over.

Why is this important?

Govt help has been announced for some charities but appears not to offer any support to animal rescue charities. This despite the fact that much of their work comes from statutory agencies asking for help to take on animals left behind by domestic tragedies of all sorts. In the light of lots of misinformation recently, many animals will be abandoned at this time in addition to the normal intake of dumped, abused and lost animals. The animals in their care now risk being euthanised if they are forced to close, and the future impact on animals needing care will be huge if many centres are forced to close.
I have adopted many dogs from rescue places over the years, and their impact on mental and physical wellbeing is well researched. Dedicated staff and volunteers make this possible, and they deserve support.



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