To: Barclays Bank

Keep Barclays Bank on County Road Liverpool

Keep Barclays Bank on County Road Liverpool

Review their decision to close our local branch

Why is this important?

The bank sits in a ward already suffering from high deprivation and local people rely on their services to access their money. Barclays offer basic bank accounts ideal for people on low incomes and facing challenging times. Liverpool has had 58% of its funding budget cut from services since 2010, and the closure of this bank would be another blow to local people already bearing the brunt of government cuts.


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Reasons for signing

  • The community of Walton needs this bank. Barclays need to think again about this decision.
  • Too much of this going on with greedy companies not prepared to provide a service and too many jobs being cut
  • It will cost me £4 bus fare every time I need to go to my nearest branch.... which will be Bootle Strand


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