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To: Local church

Keep Busy Bees Day Nursery OPEN

Keep Busy Bees Day Nursery OPEN

Stop the closing of Busy Bees Pre School

Why is this important?

Busy Bees Pre School have sadly informed us parents that they will be closing down in July 2020, through matters that are completely out of thier hands.
As parents, we are completely saddened by the thought. For us parents, it's become a wonderful community. And the children are so happy and content.
So, For all the children who attend the nursary and of course the amazing, supportive, most wonderful staff members, let's get signing this petition to keep our lovely Hainault nursary open!

How it will be delivered

Deliver current support of the community and local newspapers to the church committee In hopes that they will reconsider the closing down of Busy Bee's Pre School

St. Paul's Church, Hainault, Arrowsmith Road, Chigwell

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Reasons for signing

  • Emily Morris.
  • Many churches out there and these children ADORE this nusery, 2 of my perfect little nieces go here. Would hate to see it be taken away !
  • 2 of 3 of my kids went here one being 14 now, he still remembers it and the fun he had and things he was taught, as for my 7 year old he went there since he was 10 months again he made some fantastic memories and life long friends there, brilliant nursery such a shame if it shuts


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