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To: The general public and MET

Keep childcare level 3 at Broadwater

Keep childcare level 3 at Broadwater

Childcare level 3 is being moved over to East campus in Wilson Avenue, Brighton. The tutors of this course, the students and the parents/carers have been debating with MET to keep the course at Broadwater. In all of our best efforts, we have failed.
So why is it important for us as students to keep the course at Broadwater? It's easy access for everyone already here, travel will be harder if its moved, most students who attend at Broadwater aren't from Brighton way, students will have to quit or do less hours at jobs as the college and travel timetable combined will not cooperate with most of the students work timetables; these are only a few examples of why it is important for us to remain in Broadwater.
Our Level 2 course representative has been to numerous student committee meetings. This is where it was first mentioned of the course moving to East campus, our course rep fed back to us what Helena, the principal of MET, said to her about it "As long as there are 10 students who have accepted the place on the course it should stay". It is fair to say we are way over 10 applicants. We would like to know why us Broadwater students are being moved over to East rather than East students being moved over to Broadwater. This is our plea for help, our last resort.
Many thanks.

Why is this important?

This is effecting the educational choices of many students.


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Reasons for signing

  • It’s important to me and it will keep some of my closets friends with me during collage
  • I’ve signed this petition because having the course at the Worthing campus means it’s more accessible for those who live close by. Many people travel far just to get to Worthing everyday, imagine how much further they would have to travel just to get to the Brighton campus. Travel isn’t cheap or even reliable at times.


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