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To: Cardiff council PArks, Sport, Harbour Authority & Leisure

Keep Clarence Embankment Safe

Keep Clarence Embankment Safe

For Cardiff Council to conduct a full and comprehensive risk assessment and review of the trees and green growth along Clarence embankment and river as we believe the current condition and maintenance create many hazards. We want the trees reviewed for further significant pruning, thinning or removal to ensure there is no risk to human life, wildlife, the trees themselves, drains, pavements and sewer lines. AS A MATTER OF URGENCY THE TREES NEED FURTHER PRUNING TO REMOVE THE CURRENT DANGEROUS HANGING BRANCHES.

Why is this important?

Over the years there has been significant growth of the planted and wild trees and growth along Clarence Embankment. There are many factors to now seriously consider:-
1. The high winds often experienced along Clarence Embankment due to the infrastructure of the street and river often create branch breakages and debris in the road which may be dangerous or hazardous.
2. The roots lifting the pavements create hazards for walkers and children going to school.
3. The street has experienced sewer problems which may also be due to tree root growth and age of sewers in the area able to cope with this growth.
4. The street experiences movement in the houses creating new cracks regularly which may be affected by the growth of the trees.
5. The trees are now overcrowded not allowing for healthy trees and growth.
6. The river bank is overcrowded with weeds and trees which gather rubbish and debris potentially endangering the birds and wildlife.
7. The significant size of the trees affect the natural light into the houses on Clarence Embankment
8. Every Autumn there is significant amount of leaf loss which creates drain blockages and slippery pavements (which were not cleaned for 6 months after the fall last year).
9. The street is used regularly by locals and visitors for walking and cycling as part of the Taff Trail and therefore presents further danger due to high usage.
10. The falling debris onto the road creates further potential risk of road traffic accidents.
Overall, the street is becoming unsightly with the excessive plant and tree growth on the street and riverside for residents and regular users of Clarence Embankment this should be a street for Cardiff to be proud of and ensure it is safe and beautiful for all to enjoy!

How it will be delivered

We plan to gather a general view from residents, locals and visitors and present a formal request to Cardiff Council for a full and comprehensive review.



2020-05-31 10:52:37 +0100

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