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To: All MPs and the UK Government

Keep democracy alive in the UK

Keep democracy alive in the UK

Oppose the shutting down of the online Parliament and the restriction of participation to a maximum of 50 MPs present in the Chamber by refusing to table the necessary Standing Orders.

Why is this important?

The Speaker of the House of Commons has announced that Government has decided to shut down the online Parliament and that a maximum of 50 MPs will be allowed to be present and participate in person.

At the last election, we elected 650 MPs. If they are not able to be in the Chamber, they cannot represent us properly. This also means that if your MP has to shield, or is still in lockdown, they cannot attend and they cannot represent you, which would not be the case if the online Parliament were to continue.

Ministers could oppose this by refusing to table the necessary Standing Orders, and MPs should not support the move to stop any virtual parliament. Sign the petition if you agree.


Reasons for signing

  • If a common man can go to work so can the house of commons. Lead by example or set an example.
  • The action is profoundly anti democratic in the digital age when many are being asked to work from home... this has been done because Mr Johnson performs poorly without a braying crowd behind him.
  • Why have I signed? Simple really, 50 out of 650 is not fair representation and discriminated against those shielding, with health conditions or further to travel. Also, when they are all back in parliament, that is when my children will be going back to school.


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