To: Home Secretary Sajid Javid

Don't deport 10 year old orphan Giorgi to a country he doesn't know.

Don't deport 10 year old orphan Giorgi to a country he doesn't know.

Grant asylum to Giorgi and his grandmother Katy in order that he remains in Glasgow, safe from the threat of violence or trafficking in Georgia.

Why is this important?

Giorgi came here after his mother discovered that his father owed money to gangsters. They threatened Georgi's life and his mum Sophie, fled Georgia and came to Glasgow.I have known Giorgi since he went to the Primary school I am the Chaplain for and he is a gentle, thoughtful, intelligent and funny boy. A typical 10 year old Scottish boy..

I became more involved when Giorgi's mother died after a long and painful illness and I conducted her funeral and have been supporting Giorgi ever since. Sophie was in the middle of an asylum application when she died and this has left Giorgi at threat of deportation to a country he doesn't know and a language he cannot speak.

Giorgi is, to all intents and purposes, Scottish and is doing well at his primary school. If he was returned to Georgia against his will, he would be under threat.

Please help us to keep Giorgi in Glasgow. This is the only home he has ever known and he is proud to be from Springburn and Glasgow. His schooling would be disrupted and his life would be at risk in Georgia. Or worse!



Reasons for signing

  • I signed because he is my friend at school
  • I have known Giorgi for some time he is a lovely young boy and a great friend to my son. So thoughtful he has only ever known life here this is his home.
  • The Home Office shouldn’t even be contemplating deportation of a ten-year-old. What has happened to basic humanity in this country of ours?


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