To: Pastor of hope church

Keep hope church.

Keep hope church.

Church to be given to community or a trust who will keep it as it is.

Why is this important?

The church leaders and trustees at Hope Church on Guillemot Lane have decided to give the church building and land and The Well away to a church network called Elim.

They have given away everything that people worked for through being part of the church and volunteering in the community through the Hope Project. They said it was necessary because the responsibility was too much for them but they still have to pay money for repairs and to use the church and The Well. What utter madness. They told the church members they had to support the leaders in a vote which was held last Sunday. Some objected including one of the elders but their objections were ignored.

They will now lose control of the buildings and land and if Elim wants to sell them they cannot stop them.

This is not what the community wanted in 2001 when the petition was drawn up to stop the sale of the church then.

Perhaps another petition is needed to show the church leaders what the community thinks of their actions.

So disappointed with their approach to the community assets that God blessed us with. They will say it is to secure the long-term use of the buildings but they do not know this as they have simply given the buildings worth nearly half a million pounds away without protecting the future use by adding conditions to the deal.

The leaders/trustees have refused to listen to anyone who objects and if not stopped, they will give away the property any day now.

What about replying to this post with a 'like' or comment (don't be rude) and is anyone willing to sign a petition to hand into the church to ask them to stop what they are planning and instead put the buildings into a community trust to protect their future use?

So many of the community have been apart of this church and been helped.

Hemmingwell estate

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