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Keep Horley Green

Keep Horley Green

Say NO - Keep Horley Green by rejecting plans for the 172 acre business park in Horley

Why is this important?

Creating the 172 acre business park will mean wiping out green fields, businesses and a restaurant. Bayhorne Farm is a 72 acre farm - currently a well established and large Equestrian centre, the only one left in Horley and just one of the many green areas which will be destroyed and build on! If this plan goes ahead many people will lose their businesses, livelihoods, farm land, and homes. Not to mention the impact to the environment and wildlife!

Bayhorne Farm has been farmed by 6 generations of the Whittaker Family - due to recent developments it is now the last remaining SCC farmed land left in Horley.

Not only will the development plans create a substantial flood risk to the local area which is prone to flooding - it will be catastrophic to the large arrays of local wildlife who call the farm land and Bayhorne home, some of which are protected, such as, Badgers, Deers, Geese, Owls, Hedgehogs, Adders, many species of Birds, Bats, and other animals. Many of these animals return to Bayhorne EVERY year to the same areas of the farm.
We have also been contacted by neighbouring residents who said they have confirmed crested newts. The farm has a large quantity of Bluebells which are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The farm is also home to a listed building, and the land has an historical interest too.

The people of Horley have voiced their opinion - they do not want yet more developments, they want to preserve the very reason they love Horley - the countryside and its heritage - keeping the small town rural feel rather than bulldozing all of the green open spaces we have and replacing them with yet more concrete! Utilise the existing empty commercial spaces.

Help us to #KeepHorleyGreen and help us petition against these plans!

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Horley, Surrey

Reasons for signing

  • Councils decide when and where their own rules and regulations apply - why bother having any? The sheer size of this proposed development is unnecessary with Manor Royal just the other side.
  • The development will be very close to my property.This development will be massive. The implications for more flooding are severe. Reigate & Banstead have no-one bar developers on this. This is Horley paying the price for Reigate & Banstead (again)
  • Outrage at the sheer arrogance of R & B Council who seem willing and able to cut across their existing policies through sheer greed


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(..) cont (..) My own position on this isn't quite made up yet. I am supportive of any scheme which may bring benefits to the town, and I feel there is much potential here, however I am rather alarmed at the speed in which these proposals have been and are being pushed through, as well as the sort time scale involving the potential CPO. As I myself was not aware of these plans at all untill a week before the executive meeting on Thursday, it has been hard to assess both the negatives and positive effects this will have on our town without a full report and public consultation. For those who wish to know what was actually discussed at the executive meeting, you can watch the web stream here at:
I will be watching the progress and outcome of these proposals, and I expect all our residents to have full consultation prior to any final decision being made.

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From Cllr Stevens - Horley Central
Dear all,
As a Cllr for Horley Central, could I remind your supporters that they can indeed contact and make their feelings known to their local Cllrs on this issue? The 2 wards affected are Horley East and Horley Central.You can find details here at:

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Cllr Essex (Green Party) has written a blog on this and given comments to local press.

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