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To: Giles Archibald - South Lakeland District Council

Keep Kendal Markets Public

Keep Kendal Markets Public

Please don't "outsource" Kendal's Historic Indoor and Outdoor Markets.

Why is this important?

Since 1974 South Lakeland District Council (S.L.D.C - now currently Lib Dem controlled) and Kendal Town Council have been responsible for the upkeep, management and promotion of Kendal's historic indoor and outdoor markets. Due mainly to a lack of proper investment, management and promotion on their behalf, they now want to "outsource" the running of the markets into the private sector.
This decision has come at a time when other nearby local authorities, such as Allerdale Borough Council are bringing back former "failed privatised" markets in their area back under public sector control.
A recent survey of Kendal Market Traders undertaken by SOUTH LAKES LABOUR PARTY concluded that 90% of traders were opposed to outsourcing, 85% wanted the Lib Dem controlled S.L.D.C to continue running the market and 70% said that they had not been properly consulted.
One of the most successful markets in the North of England is Skipton which is solely run by SKIPTON TOWN COUNCIL. We beleive that the Lib Dem controlled S.L.D.C and Kendal Town Council should re-think the situation that they, over the years has neglected. Our markets are a valuable, local community asset and with a small amount of creative will power, they could thrive without being flogged off.

Kendal LA9, UK

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