To: Dorset CCG, Somerset CCG, Dorset county hospital & yeovil district hospital

Ensure kingfisher & maternity are a 24/7 consultant-led unit at Dorset county hospital

Ensure kingfisher & maternity are a 24/7 consultant-led unit at Dorset county hospital

Make Dorset County Hospital the main hospital which keeps the kingfisher ward & maternity a 24 hour consultant-led unit

Why is this important?

Loosing consultants at Dorset County Hospital (DCH) would downgrade our hospital,
DCH is desperately needed it provides a 24 hour service to many severely poorly children and many at risk expectant mothers,
families will be torn apart due to travelling and there will be a massive amount of pressure on A&E plus GP's as many children will loose open access in which they can go straight to the ward bypassing A&E &GP'S
Also this will see an increased demand on emergency services ambulance service's in particular, There's plenty of room to expand the kingfisher ward for extra beds !! #saveourNHS

Dorset County Hospital, Williams Avenue, Dorchester

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Reasons for signing

  • Dorchester County Hospital were simply amazing. From the most caring and skilled nursing and paediatric staff to the proximity for the West of the county. Please do not let financial constraints overpower the wonderful unit that this maternity and SCBU provide
  • Both of my children have had to spend a night at kingfisher and they where both born at dch hospital my eldest spent 2 days in scbu and I was lucky enough to be able to stay with her we would be lost without this unit as a whole, both my children have Athsma and if it meant traveling to yeovil it would add an extra 30 min to my already 30 drive or could be a case of life or death this unit is amazing
  • Too many innocent babies and children will die if they have to travel to Yeovil for treatment especially from Portland. And what about mums with other children how can they be in both places at once? Portland to Dorchester is hard enough especially if your husband is a worker and you have no other family members!! And to get the other kids to school ridiculous!!


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