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To: Lancashire County Council

Keep Lancashire Break Time funding

I have submitted my petition as the end of the public consultation period is 25.3.19.
Thank you to Sophia and 38 degrees for all the help and support given to expand and grow my petition. Couldn't have done it without you!

Lancashire County Council must not cut the essential funding for Break Time Services for children and younger adults with additional needs.

Why is this important?

Lancashire County Council are proposing to cut break time services that will affect children with special educational needs!

Lancashire Break Time Services are short breaks given to a guardian or parent, whilst their child or young person takes part in a fun activity!

There are many children/younger adults who attend the essential Break Time funded services after school and in the school holidays. These activities are safe, and allow children to participate in invaluable social interactions and play activities in a safe and supported environment. Without this they would be isolated and it would have a significant negative impact on their ongoing personal and social development. This would also have a major impact on the wider responsibilities of many parents, many of whom work full time.

One mum in the Lancaster Guardian said, “My son has been to the clubs since he was four years-old... It’s already a struggle to get appropriate care and funding for SEN children, why are they targeting cuts at the most vulnerable?”

Lancashire county council want to know what the public think right now, if hundreds of us sign the petition we can show them how important these services are to parents across Lancashire.

Please sign my petition to help protect the essential funding that these people so desperately need!

Fylde & Wyre Lancashire break time services

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