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To: Shropshire Council

Keep live music at Riverside Blues Cafe!

Keep live music at Riverside Blues Cafe!

Please sign our petition to show Shropshire council that live music is important to the people of Bridgnorth and you!

Why is this important?

We, here at Riverside Blues Cafe, are still pretty new but have put everything into creating a great place in a great town! The council want to stop us having live music all together and change the hours we are open just months after issuing us with a license. We are hoping that our amazing customers and people from the local area will back us by signing the petition and showing that the Riverside Blues cafe in it's short time has become a vital part of the local music scene and community. Please help fight this unfair battle!


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Reasons for signing

  • People like myself who are not from the area of Bridgnorth but who travel in to have good a good night out be it live music or good food should be able to access it. Councils want businesses to start up but do allow them to trade reasonably, this is the reason why people stick to main towns, it’s a shame! Great venue, great people and lovely family atmosphere!
  • we are hemorrhaging INDEPENDENT live music venues in this country ...
  • As those who enjoy playing and watching live music in small venues, I think it’s our duty to support musicians wherever they are if their venues come under threat from outside blinkered authorities.


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