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To: The Royal Surrey County Hospital Trust.

Keep Milford Hospital's X-Ray Unit open.

Keep Milford Hospital's X-Ray Unit open.

Keep Milford Hospital's X-Ray Unit open.

Why is this important?

The RSCH Trust that manages community services had decided to close the X-Ray unit at Milford Hospital at the end of March. Patients were to be referred to a new unit at Cranleigh instead. There was no consultation with any interested parties. Following a vigorous protest by the League of Friends, those proposals have been put on hold pending wider discussions. The LoF wants full public consultation and is recommending that the Milford unit not only stays but is open longer hours (currently 3hrs/day) and that the Cranleigh unit should be in addition to, not at the expense of, the much valued unit at Milford.
Over 5000 patients a year ( both in and out patients) use the X-Ray unit at Milford (at the current 3 hours a day opening hours), giving an indication of the great need for this X-Ray unit to remain open.

Milford Hospital, Godalming

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Reasons for signing

  • Milford stay unit is essential for the elderly and those who cannot travel easily
  • My doctor requested an X-ray for me last week. With options of RSCH, Milford or Haslemere, we chose Milford. RSCH has difficult, expensive parking and queues. Haslemere is furthest away. Milford has free, easy parking, a quiet place. Was seen within 5 minutes. I highly recommend Milford X-Ray. Both reception and radiographer were very courteous, pleasant and efficient. Some buildings are a little dated in places but we've seen a marked improvement from our last visit 2 years ago.
  • Had an unexpected trip for x-ray here 2years ago. Got call from doctor that evening as they had spotted something. Cannot fault the staff, speedy service, easy free parking, and virtually no queue. No hesitation going here over RSCH, where you’re lucky to find a space, then get ripped off on charges and then have to wait to be seen. Hope it stays open!!


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