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To: Argyll and Bute Council

Keep our BUTEiful Coasts - Oppose the Hawk's Neb fish farm

Don't allow Hawk's Neb fish farm to spoil an isolated coastline, negatively impact commercial and leisure use of those waters, and degrade the water quality.

Why is this important?

There is consideration of a fish farm in the waters around Bute, along the West Island Way, near Glen Callum Bay, centred on Hawk's Neb.

We would like your help opposing this, for its impact on the Views, Land, Waters, Tourism and Industry of the island.

For more maps, and source documents, please visit the ButeifulCoasts website, link below the share buttons at the bottom of the page.


Bute is an island noted for its Areas of Panoramic Quality, and is designated as such by Argyll & Bute Council. The proposed site for the fish farm would greatly impact the views of the Cumbraes from the south end of the island, and be a great impact on views of the island from the Cumbraes and the waters.


Fish farms aren't contained at sea. They require shoreside support, and their waste products and chemical washes come ashore. This particular proposed site, is right on the shore, meaning all the faecal matter, feed, medicines, and other chemicals would be right on shore for those using the West Island Way to encounter. On top of that, that part of the shoreline is designated a Very Sensitive Area to Development, meaning that it has a very limited capacity for new development without compromising the area.


The waters around Bute are of varying quality, according to SEPA and other bodies. The proposed site would sit on the boundary of one of the grading regions, where the water quality declines. The site would also be on top of several Prominent Marine Features, such as natural oyster beds and specific clam species. The Sea Lice clouds that fish farms generate would also spread out into the Clyde, affecting the migratory fish species that pass through the waters.


The Isle of Bute is a designated Tourism Development area, with good reason. We have many excellent activities focused around the proposed fish farm site, that would be impacted by it. Sailing boats navigate all around the island, and the Cumbraes. Motor Boating, kayaking and canoeing, sea boat angling, and more are all noted as being prominent in the area. Diving in the area is well known, and there are nearby ship wrecks. There are many who come to the island to Birdwatch or wildlife watch, and use the West Island Way to do so.


The fish farm would have a detrimental impact on the island's industry. With it getting in the way of already established commercial activity in the proposed site area, and cutting into tourist spend as they go elsewhere, the site's 6 local jobs are at risk themselves to automation progress in the fish farm industry. The proposed site is also right in an extremely high traffic volume region of the Clyde, with all manner of commercial shipping passing by, including Cruise Ships. If it doesn't pose a navigational hazard, the customers will surely want to avoid going to the island with the fish farm right on its shore.
Isle of Bute

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