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To: Midcounties Cooperative

Keep our Coop

Keep our Coop

Hednesford coop food store is hugely important to the town it must be kept open

Why is this important?

Midcounties cooperative have announced a consultation period from October to December 2019 with a potential closure date of 26th January 2020.
This food store with Post Office and pharmacy is central to the town and great example of a supermarket in the town.

Midcounties Coop have said
The long-term viability of our Hednesford Food store has been reviewed, and despite the hard work of our colleagues sales have fallen and continue on a downward trend, with the profitability of the store being impacted. As a result, the Society has taken the difficult decision to propose to close the Hednesford Food store. It is anticipated that if the closure proceeds, the store will close at the end of the financial year on 26th January 2020. The proposal is to continue to trade the Post Office as normal, and the Society is considering the building design to allow that to happen once the Food store has closed. The consultation period commenced on 4th October 2019 and is proposed to conclude on 10th January 2020.’

Hednesford, Cannock

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Reasons for signing

  • The Co-op have let this store die off over recent months. Half of the shop floor is cordoned off and uninviting. Commuters can't park in the car park and so park (and then shop) in Tesco. A bit of investment would increase the profitability of this store.
  • We need this Co-Op. If we lose the Post Office, small business lose their banking. They've already shut smaller PO's so shutting this one forces elderly, disabled and those without transport to have to travel further afield for banking, travel and PO services.
  • I need the post office


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