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To: Penny Mordaunt

Keep our Fully Trained Firefighters

Stand WITH the Full Time fully trained Firefighters in their plea.

Why is this important?

This is important to us the public, to keep us safe as well as this caring profession.
These strikes are so unnecessary if only the Government would listen to the Firefighters AND the public.

Present Terms of Employment and Pension Rights that these professionals signed a legally binding contract to - agreeing that they could fulfil the Conditions of Employment and in turn would be allowed to pay into their own pension scheme and draw that pension without penalties after fulfilling 30+ years service is now being altered by this Government to The Firefighters WILL work until they are 60 years of age - they can be called for a full fitness medical the day before they retire and if they cannot pass the physical tests that they signed up for when they entered into service - their contracts will be terminated and they then forfeit a large percentage of the pension they have paid into for those years.

As "Joe Public" I stand with these people in saying that I do not want a 60 year old Firefighter, man or woman to be rescuing me from a hazardous situation. The physical efforts and wear and tear on their joints, hearts, and lungs over the years of having adrenaline rushes every time the bells go in, climbing 40ft ladders and crawling their way through terrific heat and fumes can only have a detrimental effect on the body.

Let the present terms that these people signed up to and agreed that they could fulfill run its course. Then introduce the new ideas for the next generation of Firefighters to agree.



2015-02-06 23:03:00 +0000

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