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To: Cantay Estates Ltd

Keep Our Post Office and Co-op Shop in Headington

Keep Our Post Office and Co-op Shop in Headington

We want to ensure that the Cantay Estates Ltd:

• Keep to their promise of providing a Post Office and Co-op Shop in Headington
• To ensure that the Post Office and Co-op Staff Jobs are safe
• That the Post Office and Co-op Shop are guaranteed to continue trade on a ‘long term lease’

Why is this important?

The Co-op shop has existed in the community for many years and is a valued local retail outlet with a loyal local customer base attracted by its strong ethical principles and member-ownership model. Within the shop is the Post Office. The Post Office is a service that is relied upon by many people in the communities both in and surrounding Headington. Not only is it important for postal services and social interaction - the Post Office also provides a place for banking. The Co-op and the Post Office are important to local people and we want to make sure the public continue to receive this vital service

Headington, Oxford, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Headington has an award-winning team at the Post Office, All of us locals need them to remain
  • Headington needs a post office.
  • Because the older generation need to be able to have a post office in a short distance


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