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To: Councillor David Dixon at Bath and North East Somerset Council

Save Bath's Public Toilets

Thousands of 38 Degrees members signed this petition, which triggered a debate. Then I occupied a toilet for 3 days, securing nationwide coverage. After all that people power, Bath Council agreed to our demands. The toilets remained open, so thank you for all your work.

Save Bath's Public Toilets

Dear Councillor Dixon,

Please do not close our public toilets in Bath. Many people rely on these to be able to get out and about in the community. They are an essential public amenity, without which people will fear the indignity of being caught short.

Why is this important?

Many people in Bath rely on Public Toilets.

Around 1 in 5 people suffer with a variety of urinary or bowel problems and need convenient, accessible loos. In particular older people, pregnant women and those with young children will be hard hit by the closures. Losing the loos will lead some people to stay at home rather than risk being caught short.

A lack of public toilets will also affect local businesses and traders as well as increasing the risk of people urinating on the street, a public health hazard.

Nearly 1000 people already signed paper petitions to preserve this vital facility yet incredibly there has been no public consultation on these plans. The relatively small amount of money saved in the short term will be cancelled out by longer term effects and untold daily misery for vulnerable people and all those who need to ‘go’.

Bath, United Kingdom

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