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To: Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd

Keep our ticket offices open in London and the South East

Govia Thameslink Railway the parent company that runs Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern rail services under a 'Mega Franchise' is planning to close almost all ticket offices across the sub-urban network in London and across the South East.

We want them to reverse this decision.

Why is this important?

Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern score consistently badly as train operators with poor performance, reliability, delays and removing staff from public facing roles will only serve to worsen customer satisfaction levels at a time when the company should be doing everything possible to improve them. There is also a risk that ticket office staff will lose their jobs.

It is complete madness to close National Rail Ticket Offices when these poor performing operators also score consistently badly in terms of value for money.

All the evidence suggests that passengers trust and ultimately prefer to buy tickets from ticket offices. Ticket Vending Machines are confusing and still do not offer the cheapest fares or the range of tickets available at ticket offices.

Simplified 'Oyster Style' smart ticketing that has been promised for years to be rolled out across the South East is still a distant dream. These ticket offices closures will cause more passenger misery for the millions of passengers who use these operators everyday.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition and send a clear message to Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd and Government to KEEP OUR TICKET OFFICES OPEN.



2016-03-31 11:45:59 +0100

There was a public consultation into the proposals which closed on 13 March 2016 and due to the pressure of our campaign both London Travelwatch and Transport Focus, the passenger watchdogs that coordinated the public consultation, have roundly rejected Govia Thameslink’s proposals to scrap up to 84 ticket offices across London and the South East. Details of the rejected proposals can be found here … and

This is tremendous news and just shows what can happen when people come together and fight what are ridiculous proposals. The final and ultimate decision, however, lies with the Department for Transport so the fight goes on.

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