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To: East Devon District Council

Keep Passing Place/Entrance on Stony Lane

Keep Passing Place/Entrance on Stony Lane

Support the change in variation of conditions application to keep the existing passing place/entrance, instead of blocking up and felling mature trees to create a new entrance

Why is this important?

A current condition of our planning, is that once construction is complete, we must block up the passing place/entrance, and build a new drive, to the west, requiring the felling of 8 mature trees, to tie into our neighbours drive.

The existing passing place/entrance provides an essential passing place for motor vehicles, horses, pedestrians and cyclists, who cannot pass each other on this narrow lane.

The lane is a slow bend and you cannot see oncoming traffic once you have entered the lane between the passing place/entrance to Bridge Farm, and the crossroads of Stony Lane/Dog Lane/White Cross Road. Our entrance/passing place is about halfway along this 150m stretch of blind narrow lane.

Without the passing place, vehicles have to reverse up to 75m, and ones reversing eastwards, have to reverse out of a poor visibility junction onto a national speed limit road.

The lane is narrow and a pram cannot pass a car, without using a passing place. The lane is on the natural village walking loop, used by many people daily.

The current proposal is that this passing place must be closed up and restored to its original lane configuration.

The current approved plan is to build a new driveway to the west to tie into the existing at Bridge Farm. This route will require the felling of 8 mature trees.

The trees are on our home's South West corner, and will provide shade in the summer, but let light through in the winter, modulating the thermal gain, reducing the energy required to cool and heat the house. Removing them will add to the climate emergency.

We accept that about 8m of mature hedgerow was removed by our predecessors, however our proposal is to plant approximately 100m of native hedgerow on our other three boundaries, more then compensating for the environmental loss.

So we believe that the passing place/entrance should remain both on highway safety grounds, but also on environmental grounds

Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5, UK

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  • Road safety and ecological


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