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To: British Gas & other Energy suppliers that do pay as you go

Keep paypoints in local shops for pay as you go Gas & Electricity Card/key meter users

Keep paypoints in local shops for pay as you go Gas & Electricity Card/key meter users

Reverse the decision to force people to top up for Gas/Electricity at Post Offices or try to force smart meters on to people

Why is this important?

A lot of people who use prepayment meters do it because the are in very low income stream households & it avoids getting a big bill which could financially send them under. Also many of these users are not only elderly, infirm, but also disabled & in many cases unable to travel long distances. The paypoints traditonally have been in local newsagent shops, easy to walk to and access, plus open very early in the morning to very late at night (10pm in my local shop). I have learnt it is going to be introduced that people will have to go to a Post Office to top up from January. Also the minimum had been made £5 instead of £1.........well that I can understand, in a way but it does'nt help people who are really struggling hand to mouth. But the part that is really wrong is topping up at post offices - firstly loads have been closed down anyway, the hours are limited which doesnt help those who are working to top up easily, plus it may be very difficult for disabled, or elderly people to travel the journey to a post office to just get gas/electricity! I believe this decision is hindering not helping the people most vulnerable & in difficulty in our Society, who British Gas, with their huge multi million profits yearly, surely have a duty to try & physically make it as convienient as possible to pay their utilities. To force people onto a pay as you go smart meter is not practical.....there are still people without Bank
Accounts and a lot of elderly who do not have access to or know how to use a computer. Lets keep society integrated and inclusive and leave the paypoint system which works perfectly well; well alone!



2020-01-01 22:44:39 +0000

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