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To: Local Council & Police

Keep Penzance Safe

This petition has been set up to try and get answers to the constant frustrations brought with living in and around Penzance.
This is designed to address big issues within our town including homelessness, poverty, public safety and drug misuse.

Below are questions and issues mentioned by local residents & business owners. We feel it is long over due that we get answers and solutions to these on going issues.

The main questions that keep coming up:

What do we have in place to help support the homeless?
We are spending money on Supermarkets, Park & Ride schemes etc., but what about youth support?
What is being done about the groups of alcohol and drug users that hang around street corners, alleys, shop doorways, parks etc.?

People would like to see:
- Active Policing on the streets seen by the public to start clearing alleyways, shop fronts, bus stations, car parks and public areas of drug misuse.
- Cameras on the streets
- More support for those struggling with homelessness
- To feel safe walking around our town
- Children to be able to go out with friends with out risk of harassment and danger
- Our police station open and fully operational
- Clean streets from glass alcohol bottles, drug paraphernalia including needles
- Parks to be safe for children
- Businesses to not be affected by beggars on their shop fronts
- More money to be spent on youth support and housing
- Threatening behavior and theft on local businesses dealt with

If you would like to add points to this that you feel haven’t been covered above then please message me and I will be happy to add.

Why is this important?

This problem isn't anything new but doesn't appear to be getting better either. So many people have gotten to the stage of just deciding it just comes with the territory of living in Penzance.

-Why should we have to walk past/through groups of drunks & drug abusers whilst walking through our town, to homes or going to work.
-Why are we having to keep and even closer eye on our kids in parks due to drug paraphernalia being littered around benches and park equipment.
- Why is there so little police support in the town centre including a huge cut in police presence during busy Friday & Saturday evenings?
- Where is the support for homelessness? What actions do you have in place to help?


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