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Drop plans put forwards to scrap the Clean Air Directive put to EU Commissioners this week.

Why is this important?

This proposal has been leaked by the Guardian in its article ‘EU plans to scrap laws on clean air and waste recycling’ (Guardian, 11/12/14) @

These are quotes from the article:

"...Another victim of the legislative cull is a flagship clean air directive intended to prevent 58,000 premature deaths – and many more respiratory illnesses – as well as saving hundreds of thousands of kilometres of forests, wildlife reserves and ecosystems from nitrogen pollution and acidification.

“The EU should be cutting red tape, not cutting life expectancy,” said the Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder. “Thousands of people in die prematurely each year from diseases caused by air pollution. To withdraw this proposal would send a message that the new commission puts the interests of big business ahead of the health of European citizens....”

European Union

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2014-12-16 22:30:36 +0000

Can I thank all of you who signed this petition. I'll keep looking out to see what happens next. You can follow what happens on this topic of Air Quality by following my coal related Twitter Feed @

Coal is culpable is a cause of UK Air Pollution and causes its estimated 1600 premature deaths and chronic conditions that cost the NHS millions. For more on this see:

‘What does coal cost health in the United Kingdom?’, Health and Environmental Alliance, December 2013 @

There is another petition on this subject aimed at the UK Government you can sign on this issue until 30/3/14 @

Best wishes

Steve Leary

Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry to stop thousands of deaths

2014-12-16 18:23:20 +0000

Victory of a sort according to this recent Guardian news report

‘EU backs down on plans to axe waste and air quality directives’ (Guardian, 16/12/14) @

After the outcry across the EU about the plans to scrap air quality and waste directives the Commission now says it is withdrawing the threat and will propose amended policies as part of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets.

2014-12-15 18:36:59 +0000

To all those who have signed this petition. Friends of the Earth have now started their own petition on this issue. Rather than have two petitions on this topic, can I urge all those who have signed this petition sign the FoE petition @

Steve Leary, who started this petition

2014-12-15 08:38:44 +0000

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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