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Keep the BBC Travel website and App open

Keep the BBC Travel website and App open

Reverse the decision, taken without consultation, to close the BBC Travel online service that gives live traffic updates, traffic camera access, and local public transport updates too.

Why is this important?

The service is used by many, many people on a daily basis for both work and leisure. There is no current or planned alternative source of this information in one place. BBC claims it will save just part of a total saving of £15m per year by cutting this public service.


Reasons for signing

  • Ridiculous decision.
  • A very useful nationwide service which also gave reasons for delays/closures/etc. Missed
  • live in rural wales but no local radio local news site has no traffic content and when leaving wales need to plan route as all routes are a hour to a motorway or even a dual carriageway all routes out go over at least one 1000' high pass


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