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To: The Planning Inspectorate

Keep the HGV Cap on Chalkpit Lane

Keep the HGV Cap on Chalkpit Lane

Reject Southern Gravel's appeal against the vehicle conditions put in place by Surrey County Council: a cap on vehicle movements; restriction of movements during school drop-off and pick up; requirement to complete a survey of the condition of Chalkpit Lane

Why is this important?

Very disappointed, but not surprised, to see that Southern Gravel have appealed the decision by Surrey County Council to cap the number of HGV movements on Chalk Pit Lane and protect residents in the area.

I worked with local Councillors and residents over several years to get SCC to even introduce this cap and we will absolutely continue to fight this.

For several years residents have been fighting to ensure Southern Gravel behaves like a good neighbour, but time and again the management behaves without any regard for the local area. I am pro-business, but I am also pro-responsible business.

Thanks to the work of residents, an actual cap has been placed on the HGV movements – whilst this is still high, it was accepted as a compromise.

The way to succeed is for all of us to work together to lodge our objections and as your MP, I will work to bring everyone together and fight this all the way.

I urge all residents and those who would be impacted by this to sign my petition and raise their own objections by emailing [email protected] quoting the reference ‘APP/ROMP/19/01’ by the 17th July.

Please do send me a copy of your submission to [email protected]

Chalkpit Lane, Oxted

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Reasons for signing

  • This lane is unsafe given the size and frequency of the lorries that are using it. Last week two lorries that couldn’t pass one another had to stop in front of me so we all came to a stop but then without warning, the driver that I was following engaged reverse and came straight back into me at speed in his tipper truck causing damage to the front of my car which I now have to get repaired. This could have been so much worse had I been on my mountain bike or motorcycle !!
  • The road is not fit for cars, let alone HGVs. Noise, safety, Particulate matter (PM) and NOx are all too high.
  • The lorries are a menace, the road can't take them. They are a danger to road users because of their size.


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