To: Ealing Borough Council

Keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub

Keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub

Preserve the iconic and historic Goldsmiths Arms, W3 7ER as a community facility and pub.

Why is this important?

For 200-years this historic pub has sat at the centre of the East Acton community. We believe that our pub can have a bright future serving a growing population in an area where the population continues to grow. We ask that Ealing Council give its’ support to our campaign to preserve the Goldsmiths Arms in its’ current form as a pub and community facility.

East Acton, London


Reasons for signing

  • We need a nice restaurant or pub in that space - there are enough flats being built in this area!
  • Three generations of my family have used the Goldsmith's as a place to get together as a family, to meet friends or work colleagues, or to entertain guests. The sunny beer garden and the play area were assets too.
  • not just to keep a pub and a landmark at that but to stop these apartments being built in there place which allways happens when a pub closes keep our heritage its slowly diminishing .


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