To: Ealing Borough Council

Keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub

Keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub

Preserve the iconic and historic Goldsmiths Arms, W3 7ER as a community facility and pub.

Why is this important?

For 200-years this historic pub has sat at the centre of the East Acton community. We believe that our pub can have a bright future serving a growing population in an area where the population continues to grow. We ask that Ealing Council give its’ support to our campaign to preserve the Goldsmiths Arms in its’ current form as a pub and community facility.

East Acton, London

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Reasons for signing

  • This proposal is gross over development and out of character with the area. Refuse.
  • Pubs are being removed nation wide for the benefit of developers and their backers. The Pub is an essential part of any community. With the lack of support for all people's disadvantaged by stress, over work and all manner of things the pub is vital to provide support to those in nedd. Tony HGickmott
  • We want a community area, not more housing, go build your flats elsewhere


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