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To: Norwich City Council

Keep The Plantation Gardens open!

Keep The Plantation Gardens open!

To stop the closure of the access paths to the historic and heritage site of The Plantation Gardens.

Why is this important?

The Plantation Gardens are a Grade II English Heritage registered garden of national importance. A major part of Norfolk's heritage and history is involved with the gardens and we must fight to stop it's forced and unfair closure.

The head of MJB hotels who owns all the paths into the gardens is set close them on the 27th of January!

The Plantation Garden Trust have a permanent legal right of access to the gardens. So please sign the petition to make sure everyone can continue to enjoy this beauty spot.

The Plantation Garden, Earlham Road, Norwich

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Reasons for signing

  • the only place you can pretend to be a Victorian or a dinosaur in Norwich and not feel like a failure. love it. hotel owner needs to get a grip of their shamalama ding dong.
  • We need to retain rights of way in green areas. This is an asset for the community and needs to be saved.
  • The Plantation Garden has a lease from the City Council which includes a right of way over the entrance drive to the Plantation Hotel. Blocking access is a legal breach and will be challenged. Bye bye MJB. We won't miss you in the slightest.


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