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To: Cambridgeshire County Council

Keep the Romsey Parklet on Mill Road!

Keep the Romsey Parklet on Mill Road!

The Parklet on Mill Road is due to be removed in a few weeks - we think it should be kept there for a few months, if not indefinitely!

Why is this important?

The temporary closure of Mill Road railway bridge has shown us a glimpse of how the area could be. The street has been transformed from a traffic-logged vector into a place for eating, drinking, and community activities.
Cycling and walking, have become safer, and sitting outside a cafe or restaurant no longer means breathing endless exhaust fumes.

The Parklet is the first foray into a long list of physical changes to Mill Road that could permanently transform it into one of Cambridge's best urban outdoor spaces. Since construction, it has been almost permanently filled by those adding custom to local businesses, or just stopping by to relax and chat on a sunny summer evening.

Just as local businesses are realising the potential of such quickly erected street furniture - the primary concern now being that they want it in front of their shop front instead - it would be a huge lost opportunity to rip it out again.

Obviously, the closure of Mill Road bridge to motor traffic and the resulting serene street environment has helped the Parklet's success. But an extension past the bridge closure would allow a test of the concept on an open street. If traffic can still be discouraged from Mill Road by one or multiple Parklets whilst the road is open, then we can begin to analyse the impact on the surrounding road network, and on Mill Road itself.

In summary - keep the Parklet, even for just a few more months. It's good for the community, it's good for businesses, and it's the first step to transforming Mill Road from traffic-logged vector, to a clean and vibrant public space.


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Reasons for signing

  • If commercial premises can appropriate public rights of way for their customers' private use in the city centre it seems not unreasonable to allow a similar space for Public use on Mill Rd.! It's been Immensely popular and added greatly to the community ambience and well-being!!!
  • Or why not emulate Paris and close Mill Road (or part) every Sunday (morning or afternoon)
  • Why don't we do an Amsterdam?


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