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To: Cheshire East Council

Keep Tytherington Free School Buses

Please Keep Tytherington Free School Buses

Why is this important?

This is extremely important as children's safety is paramount. The Council say that the Middlewood Way is safe enough for children to walk, but its not. There are many reasons that they have obviously not taken into consideration!


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Reasons for signing

  • I walk along Middlewood Way from Bollington daily. The track to Tytherington school is hazardous for children, especially in winter: poor lighting, stretches of water either side, often out of sight where there is a cutting. It is unacceptable for the Cheshire East Cabinet to overrule its Scrutiny Committee on this issue. The safety of the pupils is paramount - I want this decision reversed.
  • I live in Higher Poynton have three children (11,12 &13 who attend Poynton high school, the free bus passes they currently get are to be stopped. It is unacceptable to expect them to walk a long distance carrying school bags gym kit etc, part off the route will be on the middlewood way which is unlit and muddy, especially in the winter months
  • My grandson's safety is threatened if he has to walk along the lonely Middlewood Way particularly in the dark days of Winter.


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We are getting closer to this meeting, its imperativie that anyone who can go to this meeting do go!

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Or/And Email [email protected] and view your comments or concerns. Children Are Our Future!

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