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Keep Whitehall medical practice open!

Keep Whitehall medical practice open.

Why is this important?

This is important to me and a lot of of patients.. I have been attending this surgery for the past 10 years and have built up a strong bond and trust these guys with my life. My daughter, autistic and severe Learning disabilities has also attended here for the past 7 years. She trusts the doctor she sees on a regular basis and is really comfortable going. This is something that will completely change if we have to move. I will not be able to get her to the doctors due to her anxiety and behavioural issues.

This is a huge disappointment not only for my family but many of other families in situations like myself.

Realistically, how are alternative surgerys in Shrewsbury going to accommodate nearly 4,000 patients? People are struggling as it is to get appointments with their gps, the closure of Whitehall is going to add pressure and majorly effect other gp surgeries in Shrewsbury.


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