To: Whole Foods Management

Keep Whole Foods Giffnock

Keep Whole Foods Giffnock

We want the choice that Whole Foods brings to be available in Scotland, you should be opening more stores not closing them.

Why is this important?

It is So much more than a Store ,it allows individual choice , it teaches you about the world different produce from different countries it, is also a meeting hub whenever I have been in Store I have loved the Ambience ,never enjoy a visit like that at another "Supermarket". Also it is not easy to get a seat in the Café


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Reasons for signing

  • beause its the only organic food shop anywere near glasgow i will lieraly starve if you close this store i already travel 30 mins to get clean food pls dont take that away from people who want clean food
  • Unique atmosphere.Good knowledgable staff.Superb and varied choice of fresh local and international products you don't get elsewhere.Loved taking my young daughters on a Sunday..
  • Whole Foods not only supplies a wider range of local produce than anywhere I've ever seen, it also supports a range of charities and food banks. It's community spirit is outstanding. Shame on you Amazon!


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