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To: Newcastle local Authority

Keeping open Heaton Library (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Dear M.P. for Newcastle (Heaton Ward)
Please come to some workable arrangement with the Labour-controlled Council, to keep Heaton library open without the need for voluntary contributions (a good way out for the current "government" to avoid their responsibilities to the Community)
Please contact Jim Mackenzie, 9 Newton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne (i.e. The North) for further information.

Why is this important?

"Education; education, education", was Blair's cry when 1st elected; then he imposed the lack of grants available to would-be students; on the Saturday after school term ended!
As a former teacher and someone who has benefited from grant-approved subsidy, it is my firm belief that READING is the key factor in improving one's mind; hence my despair at the threat of Library closures, which were available to children and adults who could not afford to buy key books, whatever their subject.

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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