To: Kent County Council

Kent County Council: End investment in Fossil Fuels

Kent County Council: End investment in Fossil Fuels

To remove the £210 Million investment KCC currently has in the Fossil Fuel industry

Why is this important?

We understand that there have been past petitions to KCC that have been responded to. But if Kent County Council is serious about tackling the climate crisis it must end its investments in an industry that encourages climate change denial at every point.

KCC has told us that the reasoning behind their continued investment in fossil fuels is due to the belief that their investments give them a say at the table in how these companies are run. However, without evidence that KCC has a positive impact on these companies and their policies, we must once again ask them to reconsider their investments in companies that are completely unsustainable. KCC is one of the highest local government investors in the industry. If Kent County Council is truly committed to both people and the planet, they will take our concerns on board and show their interests are in boosting the local economy and not that of the industry that involves the destruction of our planet.

Kent, UK

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