To: Leader of Kent County Council

Kent County Councillors 4.2% basic allowances increase

Kent County Councillors 4.2% basic allowances increase

Recind the recent pay increase for councillors.

Why is this important?

On 17th June this year "FAT CAT" Councillors at Kent County Council, during a vitual meeting of the full council, voted to award themselves a 4.2% increase to their basic allowances. In total £1.3million will be paid out to the 81 council members. This is despite having awarded themselves a 15% increase in their allowances less than two years ago and today announcing a budget shortfall of at least £50million over the next 12 months.
Having already increased council tax by 4.4% for this financial year and having recieved £67m of Government emergency Covid-19 funding in March and May KCC continues to lobby Boris Johnson for more money and are considering yet another hike in council tax along with redundancies for council staff.
Considering KCC's recent track record on financial dealings beginning with their considerable losses during the Icelanic banking crisis, £50m invested by the council which represented £32m from its own reserves, £16m from Kent Pension Fund and £1m from Kent Fire & Rescue Authority, this is an apalling state of affairs and MORALLY CORRUPT to boot.