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To: Surrey County Council

Kenyngton Manor Park upgrade

Kenyngton Manor Park upgrade

Our project is to improve the playground in our local park, Kenyngton Manor recreation ground, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW167RH.

At present, the play park area is very small with unusable equipment that does not cater to the wide range of ages with access to the park.

Other Spelthorne parks have swings, slides, climbing equipment and trim trails. Our aim is to promote all types of play, enabling children to develop physically, social-emotionally and cognitive-creatively in a safe environment. The park is also not accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs so we aim to make the park as inclusive as possible by adding in a path directly to the playground and more inclusive play equipment.

Why is this important?

We are fundraising through YourFundSurrey and local Cil funds. To do this, we need community engagement to show support for the project.

Feedback from the community research so far shows a real need for a park facility to suit all ages, but more importantly, a need for engagement with the community around any plans. Joining together to improve our local environment will create a sense of ownership, develop and strengthen our community spirit and build relationships between people of all generations. The park has a problem with local youths misusing the park and causing antisocial behaviour. As part of our project, we want to promote the importance of communities working together, looking after and valuing the space and taking pride in it. We aim to include local schools and youth groups in plans to include, rather than exclude them.

Sunbury-on-Thames TW16, UK

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